"Whether it’s in our personal or work lives, we all just want to feel valued. When we feel valued, we are at our best! How often does an employer make you feel valued and give you the permission to take time out of your day to focus on YOU, the individual? My most recent experience with Jivi Khehra’s Mindfulness Sessions was the first time in my career that my employer provided such an opportunity. While I initially felt tentative and uncertain, I eventually came to eagerly await that time in my day when I could breathe, relax and reflect. It was like yoga for the mind. I always came out of a session feeling re-energized and reminded of the possibilities…in my career & personal life. The learnings I have taken away from Jivi’s Mindfulness Sessions are endless!"

– Stephanie Jones

"Attending Jivi’s mindfulness sessions was a gift on so many levels. By sharing her time, thoughts, and creative mentoring techniques, Jivi produced ideas and questions that gave us answers, but we always wanted more! She also introduced us to self care, which is the most precious gift we give ourselves. After just a couple of sessions, I felt more confident when approaching and dealing with clients. An hour is simply not enough when Jivi tunes in and turns it on. Her gentle inquiries, use of humour, and respect make you realize you are in a truly safe place in these sessions. Thank You, Jivi!"

– Jana Deluca

"I found Jivi’s ‘Mindfulness’ workshops to be consistently inspiring and rewarding. Her tactile and relevant strategies from handling unique and complex situations and people work and are both relevant and meaningful for any organization looking to promote a positive and productive culture. I’ve incorporated many of the strategies, tools and tips Jivi has imparted at these wonderful workshops and I, alongside many of my colleagues, have found them to be incredibly valuable and impactful to support us in our daily work (coaching, change management)."

– Catherine Torrance

"I participated in Jivi's online mindfulness program and loved it! I was in the midst of a challenging personal and professional time and Jivi's program allowed me to accept and enjoy what was happening instead of wishing for something different. After each of her sessions, I found myself more grounded, calm, optimistic and energized. I found the meditations and information on mindfulness really helpful, but the most profound aspect of the program was drawing my own mandalas between sessions. Jivi's interpretation and debriefing of each of my mandalas was profound and insightful. I continue to return to the lessons from the course. It is a program not to be missed!"

– Tammy
Tammy Dewar, PhD, PCC
Calliope Learning